High-Tech Manufacturing

Vilnius has history when it comes to high-end manufacturing. With half a century of expertise behind it, the laser industry in Vilnius is renowned for delivering innovative solutions to the likes of NASA, CERN, and companies such as IBM, Hitachi & Toyota.

Today the local high-end manufacturing sector is home to big international players, as well as locally based companies with a strong global presence. Vilnius has all the ingredients needed to deliver scalable growth for high-end manufacturing.

The city offers talent with the right set of skills and a passion for delivering groundbreaking results, a supportive and well-established community of industry peers, and a government ready to provide strategic support.
Among the top 12

Manufacturing destinations for baseline and cost

Manufacturing Risk Index, 2020

Over 8000

Employees in MTEP in 2019

Source: Lithuanian statistics, 2019

Over 40,000

In natural and applied sciences

Source: Lithuanian statistics, 2019-2020

Leads the CEE

For university-business collaboration in R&D

Source: Global Competitiveness Report, 2019

Government support

  • R&D incentive: Expenses incurred for R&D purposes can be deducted three times in the tax period when they are incurred.
  • Reduced 5% corporate income tax rate can be applied for profits derived from the commercial exploitation of patented inventions.


  • MITA – the agency for Science, Innovation and Technology is the main governmental institution, responsible for the implementation of innovation policy in Lithuania.
  • Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park is the first and only industrial park in the capital of Lithuania, dedicated exclusively to the development of innovative business.
  • Lithuanian Innovation Centre provides innovation support services to enterprises, research institutions, industry associations, and business support organisations and promotes innovation culture.
  • Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park develops entrepreneurship, promotes business and science collaboration, provides infrastructure and other innovation support services to knowledge-intensive business.
  • Center for Physical Sciences and Technology is carrying out world-class applied and fundamental research as well as technological development, capitalizes scientific knowledge, provides a large scale of innovative technological services and solutions for high-tech industry.

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