Fairy Valley

Fėjų slėnis is a place where fantasy intertwines with reality. Here, fairy tales and their characters introduce a magical world. Through stories and fantasies, nature, all that which excites and charms, the heroes speak. Fėjų Slėnis is the home of fantasy and creativity and is based on Edita Lei’s books and magazines: Miglų slėnio Fėjų pasakos, Miglų slėnio Fėjų burtai, Fėjų muzika, Laiškas fėjai, Nemigėlis. All of the books are illustrated with her own handmade dolls, dollhouses, and other details. The books’ heroes, the fairies, gnomes and elves, can all be seen over 300 square metres of a fairy tale space where you will feel as if you entered a magical forest....

Welcome to Fėjų Slėnis, where magic happens every day!

Verkių g. 29, LT-09108Google Maps
Working hours:

IV-V: 15:00-19:00 
VI- VII: 11:00-13:00 


-15% with Vilnius Pass