Get a 5 € discount for Your first ride-hailing or e-scooter ride using Bolt app with Vilnius Pass.

  • Get the app from
  • Add credit/debit card details in Payments
  • Enter the discount code in Promotions
  • You’re ready to go – you will see the discount info in the app!

Bolt is a transportation app used for requesting a fast and affordable ride and scooter sharing. Get to know the joyful city of Vilnius without wondering where to rent or park your car – Bolt will be here when You need us. With Vilnius Pass You will get a 5 € discount for your first Bolt ride-hailing or e-scooter ride!

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With Vilnius Pass: 5 Eur discount for your first Bolt car or e-scooter ride! Ask for a discount code at the Vilnius Tourist Information Centre.

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