Immerse Yourself in a Spa Treatment

Need something to unwind and relax after an intensive day? Immerse yourself into the pleasures of a visit to the spa and choose from a number of treatments to get you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Enjoy moments of tranquillity, exceptional attention and a slower flow of time.
Indulge yourself in a unique massage and relaxation procedures using amber –  a stone of energy, health and sun. It will soothe and cleanse your skin like nothing else. Try various therapies with amber powder, an amber oil, or bags of warm amber and experience the positive effects of the so-called Baltic gold.
SPA VILNIUS, Dienos SPA centras Vilniuje
Azia SPA
The V Spa & Wellness Center
East Island SPA Vilnius
Provanso Kvapai SPA
Kempinski The Spa – Vilnius
Dunes of Nida
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