Lithuanian Design and Boutiques

Lithuanian design has its own character: calm, restrained colours, original concepts and Scandinavian minimalist overtones. You won’t find anything overly expressive and temporary.

Lithuanian design is inspired by Baltic traditions and values natural materials, such as linen, wood, and metal. Works by Lithuanian creators successfully compete with famous global brands.

So…modern elements for home decor, minimalistic jewellery, or unique clothing? Explore the boutiques of Vilnius and find what you like the most.

Lithuania in your wardrobe

No, we’re not talking about a t-shirt with the word Lithuania printed on it. There’s so much more our designers can offer! At least one Lithuanian brand must find a place in your wardrobe. And there are many to choose from: the modern and feminine Unlabel, the bright and geometric Zefyras, the practical and comfy Adatytė, the uplifting LAUD clothing, the urban and bold Egyboy, the elegant Undress, the harmonious Urban Yoga Stories, and many more.

Best Lithuanian designers in one place

Baltas Miškas in the Old Town offers some of the best Lithuanian brands. It’s a great place to find unique clothing, accessories, jewellery, ceramics, home decorations and natural cosmetics. Everything’s carefully hand-picked with love.

LOCALS.LT is another great spot for Lithuanian designs. The store offers the biggest assortment of locally designed creations. Search for unique pieces that bring a little something new to your everyday life: conceptual designs of exceptional quality, accessories, and home décor pieces. LOCALS.LT stores can be found at the G9, Panorama and Europa shopping centres.

Looking for something extraordinary and unique? Head to The PLACE on Subačius Street to browse two exciting brands. 

Flow Femme is a sustainable fashion brand inspired by feminine beauty. If minimalism, exceptional quality, functionality and natural materials appeal to you, you won’t leave this boutique empty-handed.

Miutto is a Lithuanian and Scandinavian boutique specialising in jewellery. Contemporary jewellers use various materials: from sea stones to precious metals and amber. The boutique offers a selection of extraordinary works by established jewellers and young artists alike. We must warn you, though: it will be hard to pick from all the beautiful rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets.

Boutiques on Stiklių Street

Stiklių Street in the Old Town is a hub of many boutiques, all of them offering something rare and exclusive. Each boutique is different from the next, so you simply must visit them all: The Factory Diamonds and Jewellery by Ribas, LILY Papuošalai, Linen Tales, and Šapokliak Salonas.

Enter the courtyard at Stiklių Street 7 to find Aromatų Sodas, a boutique selling niche perfumes and home fragrances, as well as the vintage boutique Pudrinė.

Where nature rules

Wool is the perfect natural gift: it feels good to wear garments made of wool in both winter and summer. Vilnos Namai offers a stylish collection of sweaters for women and men, hats, gloves, scarves and other accessories. It’s where traditional and contemporary fashion meet.

Lithuanians have a history of making clothing, tablecloths and towels from linen, and now linen products are having a renaissance. You can find natural, high-quality linen products in the Old Town shops Lino Namai (Pilies 38, Universiteto 10, Vilniaus 12), Lino ir Gintaro Studija (Didžioji 5), Lininis ir Medinis (Pilies 6), Linen Tales (Stiklių 4) and Linas Nordic (L. Stuokos–Gucevičiaus 13).

Inspiration for a cosy home

Fill your home with new designs and details. Or scents, at least. Shop for scented candles and home fragrances at the a.go namai boutique, where you’ll also find cute things to decorate your home with.

Discover ceramics! Visit the Interios ceramics studio for hand-made ceramic crockery, vases, candleholders and other nice elements for your home.

Not just for art connoisseurs

Are you looking for a unique souvenir or a special gift? The MO Museum Shop will satisfy the tastes not only of art connoisseurs. This is a great place to find books, Lithuanian design, and museum souvenirs which are like little pieces of art that open the door to a more creative life and delight those who receive them as gifts.