Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights – the KGB Prison

Currently one of the most-visited museums in Lithuania, this building was an actual KGB prison and still has its KGB cells and torture chambers intact. The original pieces of furniture where prisoners were held were used in the shooting of the series.

“As we moved through it we were aware that there were the ghosts of history around us. They showed us these rooms, the kinds of torture that I would have never even contemplated,” says Mazin in the Chernobyl podcast.

Aukų g. 2A, Vilnius LT-01113Google Maps
Working hours:

III-VI: 10:00-18:00
VII: 10:00-17:00
I-II: Closed
Closed during national holidays


€6 (€3 for students, pensioners, and disabled people)

Free with Vilnius Pass