Vilnius Potter's Workshop

In short

The Potter's Workshop is a place where you can learn all about pottery. If clay has always been a part of your life, you’re likely to visit the workshop more often. And if you’ve never tried it before, you have to visit it even more to learn about history, Lithuanian folk art, pottery techniques, and everything else you need to become a great potter.

Visit the Potter's Workshop on Užupio Street; it’s filled with artists who are happy to answer any questions and help you learn this craft.

Brief History

Group sessions are available and visitors can discuss pottery techniques and share practical tips with artists. You can also buy products made in the workshop or order products tailored according to your needs.

Vilnius’ Potter's Workshop offers permanent and rotating exhibitions, as well as practical cognitive excursions. Plus, you can see the first ceramic mold in the territory of Lithuania (Narva culture, 5th-2nd millennium BCE), and medieval household ceramics like pots, pans, casseroles, and tile stoves.

Paupio g. 2-20, Vilnius 01201Google Maps
More information:
Working hours:

II-V: 11:00-19:00
VI: 11:00-16:00
I, VII: Closed
Closed during national holidays


Entrance is free

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