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Stotis District

In short

The Vilnius Stotis District surrounds the city’s bus and train stations. This once abandoned and overrun district has changed radically in recent years, and is now home to new buildings and trendy cafes. Several historic buildings, like the market and some Art Nouveau structures, help the district maintain its old charm.

Even if you're not waiting for a train or planning on going anywhere, stop by the train station waiting area to read a book or play the public piano. It's easy to relax and stop for a moment when people are coming and going. If you have more time, visit the Railway Museum to learn more about history, see authentic relics, or look at impressive childhood-inspired layouts.

Changes to the Stotis District are also evidenced by the active cultural life boiling there: young people spend more and more time there, and people looking to invest in properties are attracted to the district.

A new residential area promises a different life here.

Brief History

Night and cultural life have moved closer to the train and bus stations, and more new dining, entertainment and cultural venues have opened up too, attracting locals and visitors to the district. Platforma, a cultural initiative at the Railway Museum, serves to awakens the district with a unique idea: taking over part of the railway area and using old train wagons as bars, entertainments spaces, and pop-up shops.

Listen to the sounds of contemporary music on a stage set up on a real railway platform, or a storm the Triukšmas wagon-club, which survived the training of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. Taste the gourmet street food –even the regular station “čeburekas” turns into a fancy appetiser with chopped lamb and Turkish cheese added to it.

Try the other wagons too – you’ll find collaborative spaces in some, while others are contemporary art galleries. Travel by train back to the 1980s to purchase exclusive souvenirs like vintage clothing or local artwork.

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