Stotis District

In short

Previously only a transport hub home to the city’s bus and train stations, the district is in the midst of a dramatic transformation. It has become a popular place filled with cultural events and nightlife. Even if you're not waiting for a train or planning to go anywhere, the district is worth exploring.

Hipster bars, trendy cafes, live music concerts, alternative events, and a tight-knit community of young people are reviving the station district. It is especially well-situated next to the beautiful Old Town, but it’s less polished and still a bit raw. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the district’s collection of street art while you’re walking around.   

Brief History

The Vilnius Train Station was built in 1862 to accommodate passengers travelling from Saint Petersburg to Warsaw, though the current building has only been standing there since the 1950s. Several historic buildings, like the Halės Market, which dates back to 1906, and some Art Nouveau structures, help the district maintain its old charm. The station district is also home to the now world-famous mural of the Trump and Putin kiss created in 2016.

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Worth to check

Railway Museum
Railway Museum

The Railway Museum welcomes everybody willing to know the history and present of the Lithuanian railways.