Pavilniai Regional Park

In short

The valley of the Vilnia River is the heart of the Pavilniai Regional Park. The Pūčkoriai Exposure is a unique geological monument. You can also visit the location of the former water mill nearby where the Belmontas restaurant and entertainment centre are now situated, and the Belmontas waterfalls flow nearby. Those who enjoy active vacations can visit the stud farm and ride four-wheel motorcycles.

A sundial stands next to the Pūčkoriai Exposure on the bank of the Vilnia River. Those who want to spend their time in nature or go fishing gather at the Vilnia Sundial Exposition or the Pūčkoriai Dam. Visitors are provided with a cognitive-historical trail along the Vilnelė from the Pūčkoriai Dam. The park’s administration invites people to take part in cognitive walking tours organised in spring and autumn.

While at Pavilnių Regional Park, take the opportunity to visit the Ribiškių Labyrinth. Plus, a spectacular view opens from Liepkalnis Hill, which is situated along the highway to Minsk. Liepkalnis Hill is a favourite among skiers in the winter.

Brief History

The landscape of the Pavilniai Regional Park was formed by the last glaciers, which also created the Pūčkoriai Exposure. The park is built on a territory that has been inhabited since the Stone Age – settlement remains at the base of the Pūčkoriai Mound were used for defence purposes from the beginning of the Common Era until the 13th-14th centuries. Visit the remnants of the 16th-century cannon foundry with cooling ponds and gunpowder mills, or the Polish bunkers belonging to the Vilnius defence system of the 20th century.

How to arrive?

In order to get to Pavilniai Regional Park, take a bus No. 74 from Žaliasis tiltas.

When driving from the city centre along Zarasų or Olandų Streets, turn right near the roundabout towards Belmontas, and follow the road to the end. If you want to go to the Pūčkorių Exposure, drive a little further along S. Batoro Street.

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Entrance is free

Worth to check

Pūčkoriai Exposure
Pūčkoriai Exposure

It’s the highest and the most impressive exposure in Lithuania.