Monument to Grand Duke Gediminas

In short

Lithuania was twice the size of its current territory during the reign of Grand Duke Gediminas. This ruler, famous for his diplomatic prowess, has left an extremely deep legacy on his country.

The bronze sculpture of Duke Gediminas is placed near a horse, facing the Cathedral Bell Tower. He holds a sword in his left hand and blesses the city with his right hand.

The monument to the Grand Duke Gediminas is one of Vilnius’ many talking sculptures. This is evident from the blue table attached to the sculpture's pedestal inviting you to listen to the sculpture. Choose one of the two alternatives listed in the table on your smartphone: scan the QR code or type in the specified URL.

Brief History

Gediminas was the founder of Trakai and Vilnius, and one of the most famous rulers of ancient Lithuania. Gediminas lived from 1275 to 1341 and ruled the Grand Duchy of Lithuania for 25 years. He moved the capital of Lithuania from Trakai to Vilnius. He was best known as a diplomat who drew Europe's attention to Lithuania. It was in Gediminas' letters to Western Europe in 1323 that first mention the name of Vilnius. This date is now considered to mark the beginning of Vilnius.

The area of Lithuania doubled in size during Gediminas' rule. He extended the state borders and sphere of influence of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania to the far east and to the south.

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