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Lukiškės Prison

In short

For 115 years, Lukiškės Prison was guarded by high walls and barbed wire, but today the site is open to the public. From prison to artistic venue, a new version – Lukiškės Prison 2.0 ­– is home to 250 creators and artists, and a place where curious spirits can learn and explore. Sit down for a refreshing drink, attend a concert or take a tour to get a glimpse of life in the former prison. This unique space has become a star on the silver screen as well. The location easily transforms to depict various spaces, and has even served as the backdrop for Stranger Things season 4.

Brief History

Built in 1904, the Lukiškės Prison complex was a modern prison for its time and a place where inmates served their punishments, worked, prayed and received healthcare. It held prisoners for more than a century – during both World Wars, the Soviet period and after Lithuania’s independence. The last prisoners were transferred from the complex in 2019. Interesting fact: Lukiškės Prison’s original design elements, like tiles and decorations, have been fully preserved, so make sure to keep an eye out for these century-old features when you take a tour. Today, the prison has taken on a new form, inviting the public to discover the complex and to explore its exciting atmosphere. Take a day or night tour around the prison, explore the cells, listen to captivating stories and get ready to experience something new.

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€15-20 day tour 
€20 night tour 

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