The Official Development Agency of the City of Vilnius

Easter Egg Sculpture

In short

When was the last time you saw an Easter egg put on a granite column weighing 300 kg?

You can see one in Vilnius Old Town, on the crossroad of St. Stephen, Pylimo and Raugykla streets. Built in 2003 by the sculptor Romas Vilčiauskas and coloured by the artist Lijana Turskytė in 2007, the egg symbolises the revitalised Old Town district and the spring that we look forward to all year round.

Brief History

The Easter Egg built on Pylimo Street, continues this idea. It was intended to encourage each neighbourhood in the city to erect a similar egg, which would not only unite everyone, but also remind them of the coming seasonal revival.

Unfortunately, this has not turned into a tradition, although the Easter Egg still looks very tasteful and eye-catching. You can only imagine how remarkable the sculpture looks in winter when it is covered with snow.

Pylimo g. 43, Vilnius 01308Google Maps
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