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Tips for Skiing in Vilnius

Love skiing? Vilnius has a surprise for you! Even though Vilnius might not strike you as a skiing resort, you can show off your skiing skills or learn some new moves all winter long on the pistes in Vilnius. Are you ready to conquer them?  
If you came to Vilnius by plane, chances are you saw skiers having fun at Liepkalnis while your plane was landing. The winter entertainment resort is just a short way from both the airport and the Old Town - you won’t even have to travel out of town to enjoy skiing or snowboarding. Liepkalnis has 10 lifts and 9 groomed ski runs suitable for different skill levels.  

Don’t worry if you didn’t bring your skiing equipment with you! Vilnius is all about making it easy for you to be spontaneous. You can rent all the needed items: helmets, boots, skis or snowboards, ski poles. Enjoy some winter fun with family as well - Liepkalnis has equipment for kids from the age of 3.  

If you never had a chance to stand on the skis, you’re safe to try it in Vilnius! Get ready for new adventures - there are perfect tracks for beginners that even the novice can conquer. But if you’re not sure where to even start, a ski school is the answer. Take individual or group lessons from certified professionals. Master the skill in Vilnius and it will be your best souvenir lasting you a lifetime.  

Not really into skiing? Visiting Liepkalnis is still a must for the awesome view from atop the hill. Sit down at a cafe terrace with coffee in hand and watch the planes descend. The fascinating panoramas colored by the sunset will make for unforgettable memories and great photos.  

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