"Secret love" - a cultural phenomenon in Vilnius

Secret Love is not a place in Vilnius, it is a phenomenon. Once upon a time, the whole of Europe was astonished by a local prince, Sigismund Augustus, who secretly married a young widow from Vilnius, Barbora Radvilaitė, instead of a foreign princess, as he was supposed to do in those days. The dignitaries considered this a political betrayal and wanted to stop the young prince from becoming king. 

Augustus, through thick and thin, got his beloved recognised as his lawful wife and crowned. Five months later, the young queen died. The tragedy took place 40 years before William Shakespeare wrote the famous romantic story of Romeo and Juliet. From then on, the King mourned his love for the rest of his life, and the tragedy of Augustus and Barbara's love has become the stuff of legend and part of Vilnius folklore.

Project "Secret Love" has gathered the facts of the romantic story into a free audio guide to the city, to the places where it all happened and evolved, and has created a community, a platform for all kinds of fun and engaging entertainment and gift design, where you can choose how to experience or tell the romantic, royal love story of Vilnius. 

The "Secret Love" project brings together enthusiastic creators, different brands, designers, history buffs and special gift seekers who are passionate about the history of Lithuania, offering a collection of royal romantic gifts: from exquisitely designed jewellery, home décor, a collection of chocolates and notebooks/books to Vilnius tours, luxurious spa rituals, royal overnight stays, and gastronomic experiences.

You can use the free audioguide here.

The visual identity of the brand is a painting by Miglė Kosinskaitė, painted especially for this project, depicting a full-length portrait of Sigismund Augustus and Barbora Radvilaitė.

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