April 28, 2022

Safe travels to Vilnius

Whether you’ve already fallen for our city and visit on the regular or have finally caught on to how amazing it is and are planning your first trip, here are a few tips to enjoy Vilnius safely.

Regional Safety in the Context of War

Russia’s on-going unprovoked war in Ukraine is a cause for concern for all Europeans. The Lithuanian Government is constantly monitoring the situation as it develops and has taken a strong stand in solidarity with Ukraine.

Moreover, Lithuania has been a member of both NATO and the EU since 2004, playing an active role in upholding and contributing to regional security.

Pickpocketing and Scams

The risk of being robbed or scammed in Vilnius is relatively low, but visitors should nevertheless exercise the same caution they would when visiting crowded areas in any other city. Being vigilant and keeping valuables like cameras and smart phones out of the reach of potential pickpockets is always a good idea.

A common scam among taxis is to unfairly raise prices for unsuspecting customers. To avoid falling victim to this, it is best to use an app (like Uber) to plan your taxi trips and ensure you pay a fair price.

COVID-19 Safety

Given the changing nature of the pandemic situation, it is best to consult the latest regulations and requirements for travellers entering Lithuania, either from within the EU or abroad. For the latest covid-related information, visit our dedicated page here.

Covid-19 infromation in Vilnius

Safe Public Spaces, Discrimination and Racism

The city’s public spaces are for all locals, expats, and visitors to enjoy. Expect public spaces to be safe and well-lit, and for the police and other emergency service to be responsive should you need them.

Clean Air & Water

Vilnius is green and packed with nature, even within the city limits. In line with this, the city also boasts some of the best air quality and clean drinking quality of all EU capitals. Plus, Lithuania is at a very low risk for natural disasters, so you can drink a cold glass of tap water and breath in the fresh air without worrying about being swept away by a tornado.

In Case of Emergency

If you find yourself in an emergency situation, you can call Lithuania’s national Emergency Response Centre 112 and receive assistance in English. This emergency line can connect you to the police, emergency medical services, fire and rescue services, and environmental protection services, depending on your need.