Extend Your Stay with a Day Trip to Kaunas

You can get from Vilnius to Kaunas in just an hour by train, so why not take a one-day adventure to explore Lithuania’s charismatic second city?

Discover street art

Wander the streets of Kaunas and you’ll be amazed at how much street art there is to marvel at. From huge murals (like a giant pink elephant), to hardly noticeable drawings in weird places, it all helps shape the modern identity of Kaunas.

Visit the Yard Gallery and its walls will recount the stories of the families that used to live here. Masterpieces of street art are scattered all around the city, so consider joining a guided tour so you don’t to miss a thing.

Hop on the funicular

Kaunas is the only city in Lithuania to offer this novel mode of transportation. The funicular is a real help to residents of Kaunas heading back home up the hill from the city centre. Imagine climbing a seemingly endless staircase all the way up when you’re in a hurry! Even if you’re not in a rush, a funicular ride is a fun thing to do on a day trip to Kaunas. The journey only takes about 90 seconds from V. Putvinskio Street to the Žaliakalinis neighbourhood, so get comfy and enjoy the ride.

The picturesque Kaunas

It’s impossible not to admire Kaunas, especially when it comes to its architecture, panoramic city views, and art. Visit the Pazaislis Monastery for a taste of the Baroque spirit and admire its murals. Italian architects built this abbey ensemble more than 350 years ago.

Head back to the Old Town and climb to the top of the city hall’s tower where you can get a stunning view of the city and river below.

Attention art lovers: the M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art is an absolute must. You can explore a rich collection of artwork created by the genius Lithuanian painter and composer M. K. Čiurlionis.

Feed your body and soul

Kaunas has tons of cool lunch spots. Go to Višta Puode if you’re up for some comfort food and a cosy setting where you can enjoy warm conversations over appetizing seasonal cuisine. Located in the heart of the Old Town, Medžiotojų Užeiga will delight you with its exceptional game meat dishes. Order a glass of wine and take in the historic atmosphere – the restaurant was opened in 1965!

Looking from something unique? The restaurant Ieti is famous for its artsy interior and contemporary Lithuanian cuisine. Get ready to snap a picture once you see your waiter bringing food to your table. The aesthetic on your plate will definitely make for a great Instagram post.

In search of a ‘real’ donut

Make sure to leave room for dessert. Stroll along Laisvės Avenue and stop at building No. 84. Look for a sign saying Spurginė and you’ll find yourself at the unofficial symbol of Kaunas – an iconic donut shop. Step in, smell the delicious aroma of fresh donuts, and let the authentic décor bring you back in time. Just sit at the bar, order a donut (or a few), and observe how time stops for a moment while you’re here.

Happy hour

Beer fans, are you ready for something new? The Hop Doc gastro pub will delight you with a selection of more than 100 carefully picked beers. Discover local beer at the Genys Tap Room, which offers hop-forward flavours on tap accompanied by a joyful mood.

The bar Kamerinis is a bit theatrical experience; it’s located at the Kaunas Chamber Theatre and offers elegant cocktails for a classy evening. Party art deco style at Nuogas. Music, cocktails and a stylish interior make for a perfect night out in Kaunas!