If you want to find a great bar or party, all you have to do is look in the right places. Here are three street names you should remember: Vilniaus, Islandijos and Vokiečių. This trio represents the main nightlife areas of the capital, and are where you’ll find the biggest crowds. If you’re wondering which bars, pubs and clubs are located there, keep reading!

Vilniaus Street

The deeper you go, the more bars you will find. The deeper you go, the more trees you have – this is what we say in Lithuanian. The same goes with bars on this street. Head to Gringo for an informal atmosphere reminiscent of an English pub that both locals and foreigners love. Do you like playing foosball? Watching live sports? Then this is the place for you. By the way, Gringo offers daily lunch and their šaltibarščiai is said to be really delicious.

One more pub on Vilnius Street worth mentioning is rePUBlic. This place is a phenomenon in Kaunas and is so popular there they have three locations. However, the one and only Republic in Vilnius is here. The number of screens they have make it clear that sports fans will love it.

On the way to Vokiečių Street, next to fancy places like Distilerija and the Bubbles. Champagneria, you’ll cross paths with well-dressed people, pass a bar named Drops; then the Rhum Room; the budget-friendly Plus Plus Plus, which youngsters love; and Trinity, an old monastery housing an elegant restaurant serving European cuisine and two bars.

Islandijos Street

Let’s turn to Islandijos Street. On your right you will find one of the oldest and best cocktail bars in the city: Alchemikas. It is well-known for a professional team, classic and vintage cocktails and a collection of rare spirits. 

Close by is one of the liveliest spots in town: Piano Man Bar (the locals call it Piano Man). It’s often crowded but a great choice if you’re looking for beer and whisky, delicious bar food, and welcoming staff.

Do you like Bruce Lee? Let’s stop here for a bit. You’re in front of Briusly, a Pan-Asian restaurant. On the second floor of this place is the club Opium, where many great techno and house DJs have already played here.

Special mention goes out to newcomer Pamella. The cocktails, food and music are just as great as their sister bar, Love. Go downstairs and find out for yourself.

Around Vokiečių Street

And here we are on Vokiečių Street. It’s full of cafes and restaurants. There aren’t many bars here because they’re all scattered around. For example, if you turn onto Šv. Mikalojaus Street, you’ll find one of three Šnekutis bars, which are known for really great local beer.

There’s also the cosy courtyard on Etmonų Street, which is home to several places - the legendary Špunka and the Monstro pizzeria.