Į sveikatą is how we say Cheers in Lithuanian. With these words, let’s take a look at what nightlife in Vilnius is about. We’ll show you the hip Stotis and Naujamiestis neighbourhoods, which are worth visiting in general but are especially vibrant at night.  

Young’s Club

When the stalls of Halės Turgus are closed for the evening, you can come for a cocktail at Young’s Club and see the legendary market in a different light with different people and night sounds. DJs play on Fridays and Saturdays, which makes it a great dance spot.

Location: Pylimo 58


First there were second-hand shops, but now the name refers to a popular bar: Dėvėti, which literally means second hand. This place is all about cold beers, hot pizzas and pitas (from a wood-fired oven, of course) and parties.

Location: Sodų 3


Beer garden Vijokliai has an instagramable wall of books and a wonderful terrace that is an ideal chill spot in the summer. Pro tip: if you’re hungry, try their burritos; you won’t regret!

Location: Pylimo 66


It would be hard to find someone from Vilnius who has never heard of Peronas. It’s a bar and party venue located on the first platform of the Vilnius Railway Station. In addition to the nostalgic trainspotting you can do from the platform, there are many great events going on. Check it out on their Facebook page.

Location: Geležinkelio 6


Now let’s move to one another hip neighbourhood; this one’s called called Naujamiestis. Ten years ago a big factory transformed into a very successful art factory. Now, Loftas is one of the most active cultural venues in the country. They regularly host live gigs, events, performances, conferences, parties till dawn and many other events.

Location: Švitrigailos 29


Elektrit is a bit hidden, a bit alternative and definitely not a fancy place. It’s an unpretentious bar where you can have a beer, meet some friends, play darts, or watch the game. 

Location: T. Ševčenkos 16

Amy Winehouse

If you go up to the hill on J. Basanavičius Street, just opposite the Old Theatre of Vilnius and very close to the statue of Romain Gary, you’ll spot Amy Winehouse. No, it’s not a statue dedicated to the famous British singer, but a wine bar that bears her name. It’s tiny and cosy inside, but their summer terrace is even better. In the evening when the small lights are on, it becomes very romantic. In case you’re wondering, Amy Winehouse’s songs are not played on repeat all the time.

Location: Basanavičiaus 14A

Club Paviljonas / Cocktail Bar Ponios ir Ponai ("Ladies and Gentlemen")

Club "Paviljonas" is an integral part of Down Town's culture, good music and relaxation. The nearby cocktail bar "Ponios ir Ponai" is a unique place that intrigues you to come in. The summer terrace welcomes you with lively concerts and dancing in the warm weather. The whole park is filled with a great mood and good atmosphere.

Adress:  Pylimo g. 21A/21B, Vilnius