Becoming a Local Webinars 

Whether you’re new to Vilnius or planning to relocate to the city soon, our series of webinars can facilitate the integration process and have you living like a local in no time. From our monthly Welcome to Vilnius webinars to our detailed how-to sessions, all of our online events are led by experts and free to join. 

Welcome to Vilnius Workshops (English)

Held monthly, this expert-led webinar offers extensive practical info on a variety of topics to help you get settled in Vilnius. Get a head start on navigating relocation processes, getting around the city, learning Lithuanian and much more. 

How-to Sessions (English with Russian translation) 

This webinar series takes a deep-dive into specific topics related to life in Vilnius on a monthly basis. Experts will give you the ins and outs of topics like exploring the city, accessing the healthcare system, getting a driver’s licence and more.  
How-to Session | Tourism

June 2, 2021

How-to Session | Tourism
How-to Session |  Finding a Job in Vilnius

October 28, 2021

How-to Session | Finding a Job in Vilnius