Your short guide to becoming a Vilnius local 

Have you moved to Vilnius recently? If so, you’re invited to take part in our Welcome to Vilnius workshop. Make your transition to our city as easy as possible! Fill out the registration form now and get the answers to all your questionsBut hurry, as our workshops are filling up quickly.
Special workshops for Belarusian expats

Special workshops for Belarusian expats

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About the Workshop 

The Welcome to Vilnius workshop covers an array of themes, from the most important legal issues to integrating smoothly into the local community. Experts from a number of relevant institutions will guide you through the basics, from your day-to-day life in Vilniusall the way through to the more complex issues. Feel free to ask questions on any topic.

What’s morewe’ll take you on a guided tour that will have you feeling like a local in just a couple of hours. So, get ready for some tips and tricks about where to eat, what to do with your leisure time, where to get the best cup of coffee, and how to enjoy Vilnius to the fullest.

Workshop date

The workshop will be organised once a sufficient amount of newcomers express their interest.

Workshop themes:

Hey, we’re so happy you’ve chosen to join us here in Vilnius. The first thing you’ll need to do now is get yourself a residency permit. We will fill you in on what you’ll need for you and your spouse, and how you can register and get your permit. 

You’ll find that Lithuania has an extensive social security system that will have you feeling safe and secure in your new home. Here you’ll find out about all the state funded insurance that you and your family are eligible for and how to apply for it. We’ll guide you through all the processes and requirements you’ll need to know about when it comes to pregnancy, maternity leave and child maintenance benefits in case your spouse doesn’t have state-funded insurance. We’ll even give you advice on how you can transfer your pension from abroad.   

Lithuania is famous for the high level of medical service it provides. Here, we’ll give you the a-to-z of local healthcare, covering everything from emergency phone numbers to health and accident insurance, to registering for a local doctor and getting vaccinations for you and your family. We’ll also go over whether you’ll qualify for tax refunds on health services.   

How to find the right house or apartment can seem a little bit daunting when you first arrive in a new country. Well, you don’t need to worry, we’re here to help. So, whether you want to rent or buy, and know what taxes you need to pay, we’ll cover everything for you in this workshop. 

One of the most pleasant things about Vilnius is how cosy and compact it is. You’ll be able to get to most places on foot, or via our integrated public transport system. Here we’ll fill you in on the perks of the Lithuanian capital. Learn how to buy public transport tickets, choose from car sharing options, get tips on parking, find out about the benefits of driving electric cars, and we’ll also give you a map of the bike paths.  

Even though locals speak English well, it might be good to learn some basics of Lithuanian. Find out about the best language schools and get a head start on being fluent in one of Europe’s most unique languages. 

No matter what you’re into, Vilnius has got you covered. Find out how to enjoy Vilnius to the fullest: where to go, what to see and what to do; we’ll even give you the heads up on how to start building your new network of friends.   

With the city boasting a great car sharing system, you might want to make use of your driving license. We’ll tell you what kinds of foreign licenses are valid and how you can renew your old license or qualify for a new one. And if you want to bring or buy your own car, you’ll find info on that as well. 

We are always there to answer any questions you might have about your Welcome to Vilnius workshop. If there’s something we’ve not covered that you are interested in, just drop us an email at [email protected].

And if you need to change the date of your workshop, organize a workshop tailored for your company, or want to give us a review or feedback, get in touch.

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Getting around Vilnius
Getting around Vilnius