This year, Vilnius Pink Soup Fest is expanding its programme! Here’s what’s in store:

A special 50-meter-long, 2-track cold pink soup slide with 2 lanes awaits you. Slide down Artillery Bastion Hill, capture the moments of your flight in the air, and share your unforgettable impressions and your bravery with friends!

A special inflatable cold pink soup bowl – serving as a slide – will delight the youngest participants of the festival, providing them with unforgettable entertainment!

All festival participants are invited to dress up in brightly coloured, soup-inspired costumes and win prizes in the Vilnius Pink Soup Fest costume contest.

More than 15 food trucks will invite festival participants to taste cold pink soup and various dishes. The most adventurous ones will be able to try a wide range of cold pink soup recipes, ranging from spicy to those with seafood toppings.

The youngest festival-goers can enjoy spectacular trampolines, playful animators, and mascots always ready for a photo. Afterward, we invite you to refresh yourself and enjoy a picnic on the lawn of the Kūdrų Park.

Young people can enjoy an interactive photo area and meet famous influencers who will surprise you with their energy and take pictures with the festival participants.

Kūdrų Park will become a venue for artistic installations, performances by young artists, and picnics in the cozy and beautiful surroundings of the ponds of the Kūdrų Park.

DJs will set the stage for dancing, young musicians will perform, and the festival will be crowned by the most famous performers of our country. Stay tuned for further details.

Vilnius will be painted pink! All over the city, you’ll be able to see and photograph pink accents in unexpected spaces. We’ll be publishing a map of them soon.

We're committed to sustainability At Kūdrų Park, festival-goers will be able to learn about the latest sustainability initiatives, discover new practices  that can be applied not only during the festival, but also at home!

What did Vilnius Pink Soup Fest look like in 2023?

How many people did Vilnius Pink Soup Fest attract?

In the summer of 2023, Vilnius Pink Soup Fest has become one of the capital’s most important festivals. The event brought together a large number of Vilnius residents and tourists. Last year, around 7,000 people took part in Vilnius Pink Soup Fest.

What is the Vilnius Pink Soup Fest slide and how many people went down this slide?

Vilnius Pink Soup Fest encourages participants to spend a memorable and fun time at the festival. A unique and unforgettable aspect of the festival has been created – the slide set up on the Artillery Bastion Hill, culminating in a bowl of artificial cold pink soup.

The festival is not only tasty but also extreme! Last summer, more than 170 of the festival’s most daring participants went down the Artillery Bastion Hill into an artificial bowl of cold pink soup.

How many servings of cold pink soup were sold at Vilnius Pink Soup Fest?

How can you have a Vilnius Pink Soup Fest without cold pink soup? On the first day of June last year, the participants of the festival achieved incredible results: approximately 2,995 bowls of cold pink soup were consumed. During the event, food trucks sold 925 servings of cold pink soup to guests, and the spicy cold pink soup served by “No Forks” also attracted interest: 570 servings of spicy cold pink soup were sold.

Which partners help to organise Vilnius Pink Soup Fest?

Vilnius Pink Soup Fest would not happen without our partners. To ensure that the festival runs smoothly and that the participants lack nothing, the event has over 100 friends: restaurants and cafés, hotels, bars and nightclubs, souvenirs, arts and more. During Vilnius Pink Soup Fest, our partners offer you a chance to relax and enjoy the offerings of the festival: beetroot mille-feuille, pink cold soup panna cotta, pink pastry Tinginys, cold pink soup pasta, cold pink soup-flavored mussels, and many other pink delicacies.

Pink Costume of the Year

Vilnius Pink Soup Fest is characterized by bright pink, green and yellow decor, so it’s not surprising that many of the participants in Vilnius Pink Soup Fest have unique looks and outfits. For the first time in the festival’s history, a “Most Beautiful Pink Costume” competition is being launched to celebrate each participant’s outfit. Participants are encouraged to be brave and dress up in unique costumes! The most original costumes will be rewarded!