The PINK Entertainments

When the city is getting pinky, you are welcome to many activities across it! Join them and have the best experience in the capital. 

The Energy and Technology Museum  
Rinktinės str. 2, Vilnius 
Time: 1 June 10:00 a.m. – 06:30 p.m.
Price: visitor ticket + 2 Eur/person Children up to 2 years of age - free of charge; children up to 6 years of age - 2 Eur/person; pupils and students - 5,50 Eur/person; adults - 9 Eur/person. 
Pink soup at the ETM Cafe “Elektrinė” with a visitor's ticket - from €2 to €9. 

At Vilnius Pink Soup Fest, even the pink soup is seen through the eyes of scientists. Find out how the pink colour is created, or why mixing pink soup ingredients together produces a soup of this colour. See the pink fire, and maybe even take it in the palm of your hand. After such an experience, the pink soup at the museum's cafe “Elektrinėje” will be particularly tasty. 

Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania
Totorių str. 2/8, Vilnius 
Time: 1 June
Price: free

Did you know that pink soup even appear on money? See a special coin minted by the Lithuanian Mint for pink soup. The collector's limited edition $1 silver coin is a unique piece. Find out more about the most interesting money stories on an interactive tour of the museum. 
Gallery “Terra Recognita”
Stiklių str. 7, Vilnius
Time: 1 June and other days, 10:00 a.m. - 08:00 p.m. 
Price: visit free of charge

Have a taste of art. Here you will find unique jewellery “spices” created by artist Saulijus Vaitiekūnas, suitable not only for pink soup, but also for your own style - peppercorn-shaped earrings or necklaces, Baltic stones smoothed like eggs, and unexpectedly-shaped silverware.

Vilnius with Locals
Vilnius Old Town
Time: 27 May-3 June 
Price: pink discounts for tours in English: €15/person wearing a visible pink accessory, €10/person wearing one pink garment, and free of charge for a person wearing pink from head to toe. Not valid for tickets purchased online. 

Wear pink and spread the festival spirit on the streets of Vilnius while learning about the history of Vilnius in English. The tours will not only reveal traditional perspectives of Vilnius, but also offer a glimpse into the life of Vilnius Jews or the heritage of former Soviet Vilnius.  

White Bridge Food Hall
Upės str. 6, Vilnius 
Time: 1 June

The bridge is white and the entertainment is pink! Stop by to taste the special Vilnius Pink Soup Fest dishes, taste the cotton candy, and preserve the memory of the festival by taking a photo next to the pink photo wall. Not enough action? Wear pink and take part in an outdoor open training session. 

Trakų Vokė Manor
Žalioji a. 2A, Trakų Vokė, Vilnius  
Time: 1 June
Price: free

Did the Tiškevičiai eat pink soup? It's time to find out! Join the “Pink Picnic” in the meadow of Trakų Vokė Manor. Here you will find pink blankets, a selection of the tastiest pink soup, outdoor games and very intriguing presentations, during which experts will explore the history of the beetroot and the potato in Lithuania and will try to answer the question of whether the pink soup was on the plates of the Counts of Tiškevičius.  

Orientation competition “StreetMaze”
Vilnius Old Town
Time: 1 June
Price: free, tips can be left

Do you like challenges? Team up and find out where the pink soup will take you. Turn your head, complete tasks, take photos and get to know not only the history of the city, but also Lithuanian cuisine. How many points will you score? 

Terrace “Neries krantinė”
Olimpiečių str., between Mindaugas and Žirmūnai bridges
Time: 1 June

Although you won't be able to paint the Neris River pink, you will certainly be able to see pink soup or snacks created especially for the Vilnius Pink Soup Fest on your plate. If the soothing flow of the river lulls you, you can also enjoy a pink sunset. 

Vilnius Museum
Vokiečių str. 6, Vilnius
Time: 1 June 11:00 a.m. - 07:00 p.m. 
Price: €5, pupils, students, seniors - €2.5 

Visit the exhibition “Kaupti. Saugoti. Atskleisti”, you will see more than 2 000 exhibits that will reveal how the lives of Vilnius residents have changed over the years.   Will pink soup be among them?  On the occasion of Vilnius Pink Soup Fest, you won't leave the exhibition empty-handed - the museum has prepared a souvenir in the colour of pink soup to fit in your pocket. What is it? That leaves a surprise. 

Vilniaus gondola
Žvejų str. 14A, Vilnius
Time: 1 June
Price: 50% discount for persons wearing at least one pink garment

See life through rose-tinted glasses and embark on an adventure on the Neris River. See the city from a different angle and enjoy the tranquillity of the water and the beauty of Vilnius. 

Jonas Mekas Draught Alley
Time: 1 June
Price: free

Have you ever tasted pink soup concentrate? On the occasion of Vilnius Pink Soup Fest, you will find him in Jonas Mekas Draught Alley, which will be painted pink. The open art gallery “ARTerija” will invite artist Justė Kolevaitytė-Radzevičė to present the intallation “Sparnuotosios”, in which aquatic creatures rise into the air, painted in a variety of colours. Artist Audrius Gražys will present a painting created especially for this celebration, “Yugen Tea” will invite you to taste strawberry and watermelon green tea lattes, and “AP Gallery” will offer you the chance to immerse yourself in an artistic experience for a day at the exhibition “Ružava”. “SLA Paris” will offer a discount on pink lipstick, the “911 Porsche garažas” will surprise you with pink Porsche cars, the “Olfactory” showroom will offer a rose perfume, and the “Le Mans” culinary pavilion will offer you the chance to refresh yourself with pink soup or a kefir pannacotta with rhubarb. 

“Rožinė ekskursija” 
Bernardinai Gardens and “Balta balta” Gallery and 
Time: 1 June 03:00 p.m. – 05:00 p.m.
Price: €15, pre-registration is required [email protected] or Tel. +370 618 08 636

In Vilnius, it's not just pink soup that is pink. Roses and other pink flowers bloomed in the gardens of palaces and monasteries since ancient times. Walking through the Bernardine Gardens, you will learn about the menus of the monasteries, which included borscht, and the plants grown in the gardens. In the second part of the event, in the “Balta balta” gallery, you will learn about natural ways to dye fabrics pink, try to make rose petal prints on a linen napkin and taste rose petal tea.

Lukiškės prison 2.0
Lukiškių skg. 6 Vilnius
Time: 1 June 

Vilnius Pink Soup Fest takes place in the most unexpected places. Where will you eat pink soup today? Maybe in the courtyard of Lukiškės prison? Or maybe in a prison cell? Embrace the unexpected, artistic provocations and extraordinary experiences.  

Sunrise Tech Park
Saulėtekio al. 15 Vilnius  
Time: 1 June
Price: free

A bright pink entrance will lead the way to “Sunrise Tech Park”, where food technology and innovation lecturers from KTU and VGTU will invite you to walk around, taste and evaluate the different ways of preparing pink soup like a real scientist. Become experts, not just food critics. 

Sightseeing bus tour of Vilnius 
Bus stop at Odminių Square
Time: 1-2 June
Price: 50% discount for people wearing pink clothes or accessories resembling pink soup 

After you've eaten your pink soup and taken part in the activities of Vilnius Pink Soup Fest, hop on the bus for a sightseeing tour of Vilnius. The audioguide will tell you engaging stories while you wave at pedestrians through the bus window. 

Church Heritage Museum
Šv. Mykolo str. 9, Vilnius 
Time: 1 June 
Price: €5, pre-registration using Tel. + 370 5 269 7800 or e-mail: [email protected]

On 1 June, celebrate not only Vilnius Pink Soup Fest, but also Father's Day by taking part in the family excursion “Pink is good for a dad too”. In the Treasury's exhibition, you'll find “pink soup” pink, embroidered and woven herbal and floral motifs, what pink means in the liturgy, and on which Sundays the clergy wear pink arnotes. Could the monks have enjoyed pink soup? Which ingredient in pink soup do we have to thank Vytautas the Great for? You will hear about the garden and vegetable garden and the fruit and vegetables grown there by the Bernardines who lived in the former monastery. At the end of the tour, you will take part in a creative workshop and create a gift for your dad.  

Excursion “Einu upe”  
Start of the tour: Paupys bridge (restaurant “Paupio 12”) 
Time: 1 June 11:00 a.m. And 03:00 p.m. (groups up to 20 people)
Price: 21 Eur (price includes pink soup) 
Please register in advance by phone +370 655 04 777 or [email protected]

You've never been on an excursion like this before. On the occasion of Vilnius Pink Soup Fest, get ready to dip your feet in... no, not in a bowl of pink soup, but in the River Vilnelė! You'll also feast on pink soup, but as you wade along the river, discuss the tradition of pink soup and the plants suitable for pink soup. You will travel along the river with your guide Violeta Masteikienė, who knows every millimetre of the river. The selected stretches of the river are not extreme, making it ideal for active families, teams and groups of friends. 

Culinary education “Šaltibarščiai – jėga!”
Tarandės str. 34, Vilnius 
Time: 1 June
Price: 5 Eur, pre-registration required at, age from 7 years old.  

Tarandė community invites you to learn how to make the most delicious pink soup. The community has a lot of experience - on Herring Day, they already taught how to grill herring. And now Tarande says “Pink soup is power!” - it's time to make pink soup and slurp it loudly. 

Exhibition “ARZA gallery”
Savičiaus str. 9, Vilnius
Time: 1 June
Price: visitation is free
Can a tree be pink? What about amber? Stop by to see the pink jewellery collection created especially for the Vilnius Pink Soup Fest. You might get a stylish accessory to add to your outfit beyond the festival. After all, pink is not only a symbol of pink soup, but also of a beautiful life.

Virtual reality project “Angelų takais”
Vienuolio str. 4, Vilniuje
Time: 1 June
Price: €15, pupils, students, seniors - €10, those wearing pink clothes will enjoy an exclusive discount 

Vilnius Pink Soup Fest invites you to look at life not only through rose-tinted glasses, but also through virtual reality glasses! The exclusive artistic project “Angelų takais”, based on the paintings and musical compositions of M.K. Čiurlionis, will transport you to a fantastical world that you will not want to leave. Sessions are every 40 minutes. 

Fingers Crossed Nail Studio
Užupio str. 4, Vilnius
Time: 25 May-1 June
Price: free pink soup drink, pink soup manicure - 10% discount

It's a good idea to make up before you go to a party! Stop by to polish your nails in the most stylish pink soup colour, maybe even add some dill or an egg slice, and you'll become a fashion icon at Vilnius Pink Soup Fest. And while the technicians take care of your hands, enjoy a coffee, tea or even a pink soup drink. 

Excursion for children and adults “Rožinės sriubos pasakos”
Meeting place Renaissance Garden of the Palace of the Grand Dukes
Time: 1 June 11:00 a.m. 
Price: €5, registration by email required: [email protected]

What stories accompany the search for pink soup? Little fairy-tale fans might even swap their pink cakes for a bowl of soup when they hear the fairy tale from the pink soup about the capricious little princess Rozalia. Little ones will hear tales from different nations about the ingredients of the soup: the tale of the preciousness of cucumbers, the pungency of onions, the huge beetroot. Of course, there will also be a tale about salt or boiled eggs, as well as all sorts of riddles and inventions. 

Book by Monika Tubelė “Rožinis romanas”
Time: 1 June 11:00 
Price: €10

At Vilnius Pink Soup Fest, it's not just pink soup you'll feel the love for. Read Monika Tubelė's new love novel for young women, “Rožinis romanas”, and start dreaming pink. Visit the stand, buy a book and get special gifts. 

Lithuanian Post pink soup parcels
Price: free

Invite your neighbour to Vilnius Pink Soup Fest - not just anyone, but a Latvian or Estonian. Introduce your friends from Latvia or Estonia to the legendary pink soup by sending a set of pink soup via LP Express self-service parcel terminals, which are just opening in neighbouring countries. Don't have friends in these countries? Send bags to your friends in Lithuania and invite them to come and visit you at the festival.

“Active Vilnius” awards for the most active participants
Time: 1 June
Price: free (participants aged 18 and over)

Get active in the Vilnius Pink Soup Fest programme and you could win special prizes for being active - “Active Vilnius” socks, drinks or invitations to the Lazdynai swimming pool! 

Quick pink soup mix „Urban Food“
Time: 1 June 
Price: free

Tired of chopping ingredients for pink soup? Would you like to prepare pink soup in two minutes? Try our innovative dry instant pink soup mix. So you can enjoy the taste of pink soup anywhere, anytime. All you need to do is add kefir. You can also serve pink soup to foreign friends and partners - you can't go wrong with this quick pink soup mix. 

“Laisvalaikio dovanos” prizes
Time: 1 June 
Price: free

Take part in the Vilnius Pink Soup Fest entertainment, take part in competitions, share your photos on social media and win prizes from “Laisvalaikio dovanos”!