Open Gallery

In addition to the event that will be held at Tymo Market and various partner initiatives, the Vilnius Pink Soup Fest will also feature pieces by talented artists. One of them will be Eglė Žvirblytė, whose unique artwork will liven up familiar places as well as the entire urban landscape. Žvirblytė’s paintings can already be viewed in the Bernardine Gardens and in the open gallery located next to Loftas Art Factory. Her art will also be featured on souvenirs, which will be available for purchase at the Tourism Information Centre located on Pilies Street and in the central festival location – by Tymo Market.

In the pieces painted in Žvirblytė’s unique style, šaltibarščiai and its ingredients will unfold in new colours. We will discover characters created from the foods we are used to, who will tell their own story. According to the artist, residents and guests of Vilnius will also notice various pop art-inspired details.

“I came up with the idea of having egg and beetroot as the main characters in my paintings. When I paint, I really enjoy creating archetypes of characters, along with their history and narrative, and giving them a certain concept. So this time too, well-known ingredients will tell us about how they ended up in šaltibarščiai, which I call ‘Love Soup’ in the piece. In one of my paintings, I even use an allusion to Andy Warhol’s famous soup can. I was working and thought – why couldn’t it be a can of šaltibarščiai?”, says the artist about the work she did for the Pink Soup Fest, which – in her signature style – includes many witty motifs.

Žvirblytė says that humour is a very important element for her, and no piece is complete without it: “I always try to leave viewers with a certain motive that will make them laugh. This will also be reflected in these works – I am trying to encode a message in a play on words that will make viewers smile when they get it.”

You can see the piece at: Open Gallery, Vytenio g. 50.