inTegra House

Meeting Spaces
Hanging Garden Hall 109 80 20 25 17 - -
Sound and Motion House 75 30 - 15 - - -
Form and Paint House 63 25 - 10 - - -
Cafe 80 - - - - 43 -



WiFi, multimedia, screen, white board, flip chart, interactive screen, video conference equipment, business equipment, computer, microphones, daylight, technical assistance, piano, air conditioning, inner courtyard, parking. 


inTegra House is an oasis of nature and architecture for those who are looking for exclusive spaces for strategical sessions, meetings and training of organisations. Its unique atmosphere and functionally will ensure both efficient work, learning and will bring out one’s creative potential. 

inTegra House is comprised of three separate spaces. The largest, Hanging Garden Hall, accommodating up to 80 persons, is adapted for strategic sessions, team trainings, presentations. The  Sound and Motion House, suitable for up to 30 persons, is arranged and adapted for trainings, music and motion therapy, concerts, recordings, auditions, rehearsals. Form and paint house is suitable for up to 20 persons. 

Ežero g. 16, DaugirdiškėsGoogle Maps

Airport: 42 km

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