Bokšto Skveras

Meeting Spaces
Chapel 170 150 80 30 80 150
Courtyard* 1500 - - - - 500

 *open air space


WiFi, air conditioning, daylight, accessible for people with disabilities, balcony, inner courtyard.  


The Bokšto Skveras complex had been shaped for hundreds of years in several landholdings where the masonry buildings were already mentioned in historical sources in the 16th century. While undergoing continuous change, the structure of the complex and its buildings with open and closed inner courtyards adjusted well to the natural terrain patterns to make a harmonious blend with both the upper and lower part of the Old Town of Vilnius, situated on the bank of the Vilnia river. In restoring the complex the aim was to preserve what has naturally evolved over the centuries, bringing back to the city most valuable components, and adapting these historic spaces to the needs of modern living. The restored St. Elizabeth chapel, dating back to the 18th century, and one of the complex's courtyards have been transformed into exclusive spaces for corporate or private events.  

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Airport: 5.7 km

Location: Old Town