December 29, 2023

Vilnius's Cinematic Surge in 2023: A Global Hub for Creativity

The capital's film industry has concluded a remarkably busy year. In 2023, Vilnius experienced an unprecedented surge in local and international film and TV productions, solidifying its position as a thriving centre for cinematic creativity. Vilnius served as the ideal backdrop for Netflix's “Young Wallander”, “Paradise” and numerous other productions. 

According to the Vilnius Film Office, an impressive tally of 43 films and TV series utilized the city's public spaces, amounting to over 550 shooting shifts throughout the year. Filmmakers from Latvia, Poland, Great Britain, Germany, France, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Taiwan flocked to Vilnius, contributing to its global appeal. 

The city served as the canvas for narratives spanning different time periods, from the 19th century to the 1990s and beyond. The projects covered a wide spectrum, encompassing enchanting tales of magical realism, futuristic narratives, gripping crime dramas, and heartwarming real-life stories. Vilnius's versatility turned the city into a multitude of global settings, from the Nordic cities of Oslo and Stockholm to bustling metropolises like Chicago and Vienna, and even locales in Eastern Ukraine, France, Germany, Bolivia, and Argentina.  

This prolific year of filmmaking not only highlighted Vilnius's historical landmarks, breathtaking landscapes and distinctive architectural beauty but also strengthened its reputation as an open, professional and accommodating destination for people from all corners of the world.