September 27, 2023

Vilnius Tops Business-Friendly City Rankings

Vilnius has claimed the top position in this year’s Business-Friendly City Perception Index, establishing itself as the most business-friendly city in emerging Europe. A panel of over 100 global FDI experts, site selection advisers, and location analysts conducted independent evaluations of cities in the region, encompassing those with populations exceeding 200,000 residents. 

The Business-Friendly City Perception Index provides valuable insights into the business environment of emerging European cities, assessing them across eight key categories: Brand, Economic Potential, Business Climate, Talent Pool, Smart City Development, Infrastructure and Connectivity, Quality of Life, and Local Authority Support. 

This prestigious recognition solidifies Vilnius’s position as an attractive and reliable hub for international business, making it even more appealing to event organizers and attendees alike. With its reputation as a leading business-friendly city, Vilnius is well-positioned to attract more international conferences and meetings, boosting its local economy and promoting global knowledge exchange.