Vilnius Conference Ambassador Honoured at Prestigious City Awards 

We are happy to announce that this year, Vilnius’ Conference Ambassador Prof Augustina Jankauskienė was recognised with the city’s most prestigious award – the statue of St. Christopher.  

Prof Augustina Jankauskienė’s dedicated work has led to numerous international conferences coming to Lithuania’s capital and establishing Vilnius as a well-known name among the world medical community. Thanks to the professor, over 600 experts and scientists will gather in Vilnius in 2023 for the 55th Annual Conference of the European Society for Pediatric Nephrology. “This award is very important to me and reflects my love and respect for this city. I appreciate the opportunity I’ve had as a scientist to spread Vilnius’ name across the world,” says Prof Jankauskienė. The professor is the long-standing President of the Lithuanian Society for Pediatric Nephrology, leader of the Center for Rare Kidney Diseases, a leading figure in the Lithuanian pediatric nephrology community, and a member of both the ESPN Council and European Pediatric Dialysis Working Group. 

The annual awards ceremony was held at Vilnius Town Hall. The most significant city awards were presented to its most honourable citizens in 10 different categories.