March 1, 2022

Vilnius City Tourism and Development Agency "Go Vilnius" position on the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine  

Vilnius City Tourism and Development Agency Go Vilnius unreservedly condemns the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and stands in solidarity with all pro-Ukrainian organisations calling for a halt to hostilities. Go Vilnius strongly condemns the war and aggression and represents to the world Vilnius' uncompromising position against Russia's invasion of a sovereign European state and the disinformation spread through various channels.   

While we condemn Russia's military attacks on Ukraine, we strongly state that we do not have any relations with organisations that express support for Putin and his regime, directly or indirectly. We do not support the aggressor by any means and we are doing everything in our power to help the victims of the war, for whom Vilnius is ready to provide a safe haven.

We cannot remain indifferent to this military aggression, which is putting millions of innocent people in danger and destroying the foundations of international agreements. We are mobilised and ready to shelter Ukrainian families fleeing the war in Vilnius - we provide them with a safe home, and we are helping businesses that do not support the Putin regime. 

We are supporting freedom and democracy with all our might, and we support all those who fight for it. Only united and supporting each other can we overcome this war.

We call on all our partners not to remain indifferent to the hostilities and to use all their resources to stop the war.