Conferli. Match with Vilnius!

Vilnius continues its strong partnership with Conferli, a data-driven application that helps associations, countries, destinations, and venues find each other directly, enabling a transparent and efficient tender process. As Vilnius remains firmly focused on association meetings, this integration provides opportunities to increase international recognition for the city as a destination for such events.  

Conferli provides a smart benchmarking data-based online environment. The platform uses independent and unbiased models to provide event organisers with a factual, impartial list of potential destinations for their events. In this additional process, associations are matched with countries based on their strengths and suitability, which cuts lead times, increases success rates, and makes the tender process cost efficient. Giving associations the ability to compare countries is of the utmost importance. Furthermore, local hosts and national associations can now easily find a suitable destination within their own countries. 

With the Go Vilnius Convention Bureau team ready to provide a very personal approach and support, we encourage association meeting professionals from all over the world to match with Vilnius and host conferences in the city with confidence.