May 7, 2024

AAE Membership Expands Global Horizons for Vilnius

The Go Vilnius Convention Bureau has joined the global membership of the Association of Association Executives (AAE) and is set to participate in the Associations World Congress 2024, taking place from June 9-11 in Graz, Austria. This congress provides valuable access to an expanded global network and offers the opportunity to learn best practices for advocating for the meetings and events industry 

The Bureau’s unique focus on the association sector sets it apart. Leveraging deep connections within the scientific community, we partner on various educational, relocation, and talent attraction projects. This close collaboration allows us to seamlessly connect conference organisers with the right local experts and resources, ensuring a smooth planning process from the initial bid to final implementation. 

The Association of Association Executives has long been a beacon for professionals seeking to enhance the effectiveness of their organizations, events, and services. Recognized for its inclusive, community-driven approach, AAE membership will elevate the Go Vilnius Convention Bureau's influence within the global meetings sector for associations and reinforce Vilnius's reputation as a premier destination for international conferences. Looking to the future, this membership underscores our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and excellence, ensuring that Vilnius remains at the forefront of the global events landscape.