Vilnius Tempts Digital Nomads with Booming Remote Work Infrastructure and Cultural Discoveries

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, has created a welcoming ecosystem for remote workers. Cosmopolitan lifestyle and cultural gems combined with high Wi-Fi speed, as well as top rankings in the Global Remote Work and the National Cybersecurity Indexes, make the city an enticing spot for a workation.

September 20, 2022. Recently Lithuania has made it to the top five countries with the best infrastructure for remote workers. The Global Remote Work Index ranked countries according to cybersecurity, economic and social conditions together with COVID-19 response measures. As remote work is still on the rise in many of the world’s countries, Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, has created a welcoming environment for remote professionals looking for a well-rounded urban workation spot.

Sound remote work environment

Vilnius has been adamant about creating and maintaining a safe digital environment for remote workers, as Lithuania now ranks second on the National Cyber Security Index. The capital’s booming startup ecosystem is also continuously boosting the cybersecurity infrastructure. For instance, Lithuania’s second unicorn and a leader in digital security Nord Security is providing the members of Startup Lithuania, the national startup ecosystem facilitator, with free cybersecurity tools, consultations, and training.

“The infrastructure—both physical and digital—necessary for remote work is better in Lithuania than in other Baltic countries. Favorable legal means, for example, European data protection regulations, prompt both Lithuanian and European companies to put more effort into the infrastructure’s development. Good Internet quality is the result of investments and competitiveness of telecommunication companies and governmental projects to digitalize even the most remote corners of the country,” Karolis Arbačiauskas, business development manager at NordPass, a tool created by Nord Security, commented.

Besides being safe in the digital realm, remote professionals can take advantage of a speedy Internet connection anywhere in Vilnius. Not only does Lithuania offer free public Wi-Fi, which is one of the fastest in the world, but it also has Starlink satellite services, available since 2021. Although the entire city is fit for remote work, there are many productivity-inspiring coworking spaces scattered around:  Workland G9, Rockit, WHUB, Vilnius Tech Park, and many others.

Roman Lobas, Head of Partnerships at Katalista Ventures—a hybrid startup accelerator—moved to Vilnius a few years ago and has had many opportunities to make the most of a flourishing remote work environment in the city.

“Vilnius has a perfect balance—a capital city full of opportunities and a cozy place where everyone is welcome to be themselves. It is a beautiful and accessible city with great restaurants, coworking spaces, and parks, but my favorite part about it is the people,” he said. “Vilnius is a great workation spot as the price and quality ratio of various activities here often beats the more popular European destinations. The community around the startup ecosystem here is very welcoming, so working at one of the coworking spaces gives everyone a chance to find smart and cool people to share a drink with and even collaborate professionally.”

Combining work with city explorations

The digital nomads who choose Vilnius as their workation destination get plenty of opportunities to balance work and leisure time. The after-business hours may be spent immersed in the blend of gastro, social, cultural, and artistic life. A plentitude of top restaurants located between the UNESCO-listed Old Town and modern neighborhoods beckon workationers to experience the many tastes of Lithuania.

At the same time, Vilnius frequently hosts concerts by world-class musicians like electronic music star Max Cooper, who will come in October, or Rammstein, scheduled to perform in May next year, while also celebrating theatre and art in a number of festivals and exhibitions.