April 26, 2023

New Vilnius Mayor Valdas Benkunskas takes oath of office

On Wednesday, 26 April, Vilnius’ newly elected City Council members took their solemn oaths of office at the city municipality. The Council will be headed by Valdas Benkunskas, the Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats party representative who won Vilnius’ recent mayoral election. 

The new mayor has promised to work responsibly, listen carefully and lead with integrity to make Vilnius a better and more comfortable place to live for everyone who wants to grow and create here.

“Vilnius’ citizens have entrusted me with the keys to the capital on the occasion of its 700th anniversary. This is not only a great honour, but also an extraordinary commitment,” says Mayor Benkunskas. “Our city, with both its centuries of history and youthful vigour, is now home to 600,000 people. Vilnius was built by people of different nationalities and cultures; its history is the history of all of us. Let us not forget to foster a spirit of unity and freedom that belongs to us all. I invite you to help write the new chapter of the capital by opening the gates of the city even wider to those who call and want to call it home.” 

Valdas Benkunskas has been part of the Vilnius City Council since 2011 and has twice served as Deputy Mayor.