Adrenaline Rush in Vilnius: Live Concert Above the Clouds

16 September 2022. Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, will soon be celebrating its 700-year anniversary, but the city is forever young at heart, thanks in part to healthy doses of adrenaline. For the first time ever, music lovers in Vilnius were invited to trade regular concert venues for a magical performance above the clouds ­– a live concert was held 170 metres above the ground on the open-air terrace of Vilnius’ TV Tower. 

The concert, dedicated to the city’s upcoming 700-year anniversary, featured four musicians from the band Subtilus, who were strapped in and played from the edge of the TV Tower platform. Due to limited space and safety issues, only 50 viewers were allowed to watch the live concert, which included a combination of jazz, pop and Lithuanian folk music. The public, also perched above the clouds, was guarded by a safety net.

Subtilus was the first band to take on the challenge of playing with their heads in the clouds. The musicians, held by safety ropes, played accordion, keytar, keyboard, drums, percussion and a traditional Lithuanian aerophone called the birbyne.

“Playing live 170 metres above the city was a great pre-party for Vilnius’ upcoming 700-year anniversary. When you combine breath-taking views of the city, the calmness of nature, and our musical grooves, you get a concert on the edge of Vilnius’ TV Tower. This energy and greatness bring joy to audiences and create a perfect harmony of music and sights,” says Laurynas Vaitkus, a member of Subtilus.

Vilnius TV Tower has been recently opening up new spaces for visitors. This summer, a terrace 170-metres high on the top of the TV Tower’s viewing platform was opened for people in search of new experiences. Fastened by a safety rope, visitors can now roam the tower platform. And now, Subtilus’ live open-air concert might pave the way for an entirely new chapter of Vilnius’ music scene – and perhaps one of the highest in the world.

“This concert is the most recent of our experiments. We want to bring live music experiences to various unexpected spots within Vilnius’ TV Tower, giving Lithuania’s tallest building new tones and colours, while integrating it into the cultural life of Vilnius,” says Remigijus Šeris, Telecentras’ General Director. 

Built in 1980, the Vilnius TV Tower is the tallest building in Lithuania and is ranked among the tallest television towers in the world. At 326.5 metres, it’s the eighth-tallest in Europe and 26th in the world. The viewing platform and rotating restaurant are located on the tower's circular section at 165 metres, which is its 19thfloor (55th if compared to apartment buildings).

Vilnius is always up for experimentation – even if it’s turning 700-years-old next year, it maintains its youthful spirit by looking for ways to create new experiences for residents and visitors alike. Known for its UNESCO-listed Old Town, the city has the ability to honour its historical past while also keeping an eye on the future. In 2023, Vilnius will celebrate its 700th anniversary with a string of cultural, music and art events. Celebrations will kick-off with the Light Festival in January and will reach its peak with the highly popular summer festival As Young As Vilnius, taking place in July.