Vilnius offers plenty of places to visit, including a lovely Old Town, Cathedral, and Gediminas Castle Tower, among others. You can also try authentic Lithuanian dishes, as BasketNews got you covered in the must-see sites in Vilnius during EuroLeague Final Four.

Even though EuroLeague Final Four takes place in Kaunas, don't limit yourself and see an even bigger part of Lithuania.

We welcome you to Vilnius, the city where the atmosphere remains youthful! Walkable Vilnius offers a vibrant mix of art, nature, and history – all in one place.

The basketball-themed Tourist Information Centre invites you to Pilies st. 2.

Come inside and enjoy mini basketball game, indulge yourself with some treats, take advantage of various discounts for activities - all especially prepared for this Euro league Final Four occasion, including tours about Vilnius:

•    Free Vilnius Old Town & Uzupis tour 
•    Soviet Vilnius Tour 
•    Alternative Vilnius Tour

For more information visit Vilnius TIC, where our friendly team will help you to discover the best of amazing Vilnius!

With EuroLeague Final Four weekend approaching, find out the best Vilnius places, areas, and points of interest to visit, as we have no doubt that everyone will find something that will suit their needs.

For those who want to experience genuine and authentic Lithuanian traditions, we recommend starting your journey in Vilnius Old Town. 

Here, you can enjoy a brighter traditional gastronomic experience with must-try dishes like Cepelinai, the attention-grabbing pink cold beetroot soup called šaltibarščiai or the perfect match next to your glass of beer – a traditional fried garlic bread with cheese.

For an authentic food experience, you might want to visit Pilies Street, which is the oldest street in Vilnius. There, you'll find plenty of Lithuanian food restaurants that offer a variety of dishes.

Want to play it safe? Vilnius has plenty to offer whether you'd like to grab a burger, Italian food, or try some Asian cuisine. 

As you stroll past Vilnius Cathedral and City Hall, don't miss the always-buzzing Vilnius triangle, where you can find the best cold local craft beer on Vilnius Street and Vokiečių Street. And it begins to get warmer at the end of May, so you better mark those spots now.

Meanwhile, Islandijos Street is a must-visit for those seeking the best show from cocktail masters.

For those who want to feel once in a time experience, we suggest visiting an actual prison. You read that right.

Lukiskes Prison offers an incredible opportunity to see the prison from the inside. And don't worry; you won't need to get in trouble with the authorities. Simply book a day or night-time tour, hear every shocking story, and see what it's like to live behind bars.

On top of that, there's a cozy bar inside the area, so you can finish off your experience with a nice meal or drink outside.

Even though you're coming for the highest quality experience in the EuroLeague Final Four, maybe there's still some room for art in your heart?

If that's the case, we offer you to discover Užupis. This bohemian and artistic neighborhood is often compared to Montmartre in Paris and is known for its self-proclaimed constitution, own flag, and anthem. 

You'll find Užupis Art Incubator, which promotes the cultural identity of the neighborhood. Explore many unique statues, such as the Užupis angel and the secretly wandering mermaid.

Meanwhile, Paupys is the perfect place to find everything at once. It's the newest district in Vilnius, right next to the Old Town, surrounded by nature and tranquility. 

Modern architecture blends well with the curves of the Vilnelė River, surrounded by old trees. Meanwhile, the district's vibrant food community welcomes you to Paupys Market, where you can enjoy a carefully crafted experience.

That's it from us! We hope you'll experience Vilnius to the fullest while enjoying the EuroLeague Final Four event.