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Vilnius: Providing the Right Infrastructure for Your Business Growth

If you are looking to build your business, look no further than Vilnius. With Lithuania ranked 11th globally in the 2020 Ease of Doing Business Ranking, and a registration system that can have your business established in as little as 3 days, you’ll find all the support you need to grow.

What’s more, in Vilnius there’s a friendly business ecosystem that’s been engineered to help you level up your operations with minimum fuss and maximum results. From office space to connectivity to R&D, Vilnius has the right infrastructure for modern business.

Office space in Vilnius

Office space in Vilnius

Finding the right location for your business is crucial. In Vilnius you’ll discover that there are plenty of options to choose from. With prices remaining highly competitive in comparison with other Western European locations, and a steady stream of A class office buildings coming to the market, Vilnius offers quality at affordable prices.

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Work in inspiring and surprising places

With some of the fastest broadband in the world and unparalleled public internet coverage, your business can stay connected 24/7. And if you wish to take your work to a less conventional space, like a café or library, or even a city square, you’ll be able to stay connected, wherever you are.

Good Coffee map
The list of public libraries in the city

Industrial parks

Industrial parks

Vilnius is committed to providing the perfect grounds for businesses to thrive. Understanding that industrial parks are an essential part of any great business ecosystem, the city opened its new Innovation Industrial Park in 2018.

Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park is the first and only industrial park in Vilnius to be solely dedicated to the development of innovative business. Its 24-hectare territory is surrounded by national forests and comes with a fully developed infrastructure.

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Arrival and departure

Arrival and departure

Getting to and from Vilnius couldn’t be easier. The city’s international airport operates direct flights to Europe’s main cities, with flight times of only three hours or less. And the airport is only a 20-minute taxi ride from the center.

Taxis are plentiful and inexpensive, and the city’s public transport network also provides buses that run to and from the airport.

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Getting around

Getting around

With a city that is cozy and compact, traveling from A to B is never an issue. You don’t need to worry about wasted commuting time cutting into your bottom line. And there’s no limit to the options available when it comes to transport. The city offers a fully integrated bus and trolley bus network which boasts one of the newest bus fleets in Europe.

For those who prefer the convenience of cabs, there’s the Uber, Bolt and E-taxi apps. And if you or your employees like to drive, but are not so keen on buying a car, you’ll find Citybee and Spark, convenient car sharing apps. And to help you to optimize your travel times, there is the Trafi app which will give you up to the minute info via your phone on all of the city’s public transportation and traffic.

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With Lithuania leading the region for industry-university collaboration, Vilnius has a well-developed research environment featuring open access R&D centers and two science valleys. The city has an internationally recognized photonics sector, and strong potential for growth in high-tech manufacturing. This is thanks to its high proportion of science, mathematics and engineering graduates, and the business incentives available for R&D activities.

Vilnius Science Valleys

Each with their own significant input to R&D activity not only in Lithuania but the whole world as well.  

Other R&D facilities

Visoriai Information Technology Park 

The park aims to help companies grow and build a professional community. Its main activities include consulting services on innovation, finance, R&D; organizing information events for professionals; innovation workshops and various community events.

Over 50 companies are located in the territory of VITP, including Biotechpharma, BOD Group, Viltechmeda and others. 28 companies are settled in the premises of VITP.

The park’s main focus areas are: Information and communication technologies, Photonic technologies, Space technologies, Specialized scientific publishing IT services, Agro IT services and 3D technologies.

Digital Infrastructure

When it comes to digital infrastructure, Vilnius is in the fast lane. Lithuania is a regional and EU leader in ICT, and Vilnius as the nation’s capital is at its cutting edge. 

in CEE based on mobile download speed/mbps

Speedtest Global Index, 2021


in the world in terms of its ICT regulation

ICT Regulatory Tracker, 2019


11 base stations currently operating in the biggest cities

Telia, 2020


on the international cybersecurity index

National Cyber Security Index, 2021

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Key Sectors
Key Sectors
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