Vilnius Pass Return Form

You can return your Vilnius Pass purchased online if it has not been used (activated at any of the attractions) within 30 days of the order date. If you would like to change the type of Vilnius Pass purchased online, you will need to return it and order a new one.

After submitting the form and confirming that your Vilnius Pass has not been used, we will deactivate it and send you a return confirmation letter within 5 days. The money will be transferred to the bank account from which the pass was purchased within 30 days of receiving the confirmation letter.

If the Vilnius Pass was purchased at one of Vilnius Tourist Information Centres, exchanging the type of Vilnius Pass can only be done at the same centre where it was originally purchased by showing the receipt. The Vilnius Pass must be not used (activated at any of the attractions).

Once activated, the Vilnius Pass cannot be returned. Lost, damaged or stolen Vilnius Passes cannot be refunded.

To return the Vilnius Pass, please fill in this form:

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