Cheese DŽIUGAS® House

In short

Cheese DŽIUGAS® House is an embassy of DŽIUGAS® cheese, where we offer not only various types of DŽIUGAS® cheese and gourmet extras, but also create a cosy atmosphere, setting the mood for pleasant conversations and tasty discoveries.

The mission of Cheese DŽIUGAS® House is to cherish DŽIUGAS® cheese traditions, as well as create an authentic and unique experience of cheese and related products, offering exclusive value to our consumers.

The VISION of Cheese DŽIUGAS® House is to become a leader in the gourmet world, those, who aspire to join it and choose authentic hard cheeses.

Aušros Vartų g. 3, Vilnius 01305Google Maps
Working hours:

I-VII 9:00-21:00

-10% discount for selected assortment and tastings with Vilnius Pass