Vilnius’ Historic Centre Celebrates 30 Years as a UNESCO World Heritage Site 

What qualities must a city possess to be included on the UNESCO World Heritage List? For Vilnius, it’s obvious – stunning architecture and well-preserved layers of history. Though now a UNESCO-listed World Heritage site for the past 30 years, Vilnius Historic Centre has been taking visitors’ breaths away for much longer. Here’s what to expect when visiting:

Architectural Treasures: Uncover the layers of centuries past along the narrow cobbled streets of Vilnius. Spreading Western craftsmanship and cultural ideas, the city has been a pivotal outpost for Eastern European architecture and heritage.

Unique Skyline: Spot the distinctive sight of church towers and red roofs of the unique buildings designed in styles spanning multiple era, complemented by luscious green spaces.

Preserved Layout: Roam around the network of medieval streets and squares, and the historical quarters sharing 700 years of history and the creativity of the city’s inhabitants.

The Finest Craftsmanship: Marvel at the exceptional artistry of the buildings created by Europe’s best masters. Vilnius’ well-preserved collection of architectural masterpieces is an important legacy of human imagination.

Vilnius has experienced a tumultuous history, so the buildings have been reconstructed throughout the ages, adding stylistic changes and incorporating old buildings into new ones. However, the forms, materials and construction techniques of many buildings are authentic. Discover the beauty of Vilnius Historic Centre and visit the significant buildings and ensembles making up the city’s UNESCO World Heritage site:

● Gediminas Castle Tower: A medieval tower and the remaining part of the original Upper Castle is one of the most prominent symbols of Vilnius.

● Vilnius Cathedral: A majestic pearl of Neoclassical architecture adorned with sculptures unveils layers of history.

● Church of St. Anne and Bernardine complex: An impressive, one-of-a-kind Gothic ensemble surrounded by legends.

● Church of St. Johns and Vilnius University complex: A legacy of the Jesuits and the age of Enlightenment, where great ideas influencing the culture of the entire region were born.

● Gate of Dawn with surrounding churches of three denominations: Vilnius has always been a melting pot of religions.

● Church of Saint Nicholas: The oldest surviving Roman Catholic church in Lithuania.

● Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Established by Franciscans, the Gothic and Baroque magnificence is authentic in its form.

● Evangelical Lutheran Church: The Baroque church features a gorgeous Rococo altar.

● The Church of the Heart of Jesus and the Missionary Church of the Ascension of the Lord: Standing side by side, the dome and the towers adorn the skyline of Vilnius.