See the Winter Face of Vilnius

Any lover of heights who longs for unique moments will enjoy flying in a hot air balloon over Vilnius or the historic Trakai Castle. And if you decide to take this flight in winter – we guarantee that you will have an exciting hot air balloon flight and enrich your life with unique memories!

Airmen say that the conditions for balloon flying are even more favorable in winter than in summer (during summer, hot air balloons are only flown in early mornings or late afternoons). In winter, however, it is possible to fly all day long!
Flying over snow-covered fields and treetops, frozen lakes, and seeing the smoky chimneys of cities fade away all the inconvenience of lower air temperature. During the trip, the roofs of the city slowly change under your feet, and the cosy bustle of the city as well as marvellous forests can take anyone’s breath away. For those of you who want to get out of the city and admire the winter nature – a flight to Trakai Castle is exactly what you need.

Hovering over the snow-covered Lake Galvė and forests, you will enjoy the unique landscape of Lithuania from above. The safe trip impressions will be provided by the airmen who will introduce you to the special features and history of the aircraft. After a fabulous flight, set yourself up for a fun airship christening and a flight diploma that will always remind you of this incredible adventure!
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