Rise Above Vilnius

Even if you walk the streets of Vilnius every day, you’ll see the city in a completely different light when you rise above it in a helicopter or small plane. Let the adventures begin! You’ll briefly turn into a bird and get to fly over the winding streets of the Old Town and the city’s lush forests. Even Gediminas’ Tower and the cathedral that you know so well will look completely different from way up there. A short flight promises to lift you above your daily routine and make the day memorable.

But you can also be a bird for longer. Admire the wooded surroundings of Vilnius and go over to Trakai for a spin around the island castle. Or maybe even take a serious trip to the dunes of Nida or the Palanga Pier. Flying over the sea will give you an incredible feeling of freedom!
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UAB “Aeroservisas”