Positive Emotions and Adrenaline – From Laser Games

If you enjoy active leisure, team games and sharper sensations, Laser Tag is the right choice for you. It is played by millions of people of different ages around the world. Give it a try in Vilnius. Come and shoot lasers at the largest and most modern laser space in the Baltic States.
A two-story labyrinth in the Laser Tag arena with sound and light effects, dynamic music, a choice of screenplay presents lots of movement and gaming excitement.

Lazerių poligonas offers ever-changing scenarios for Laser Tag. The game is organized in specially selected premises or in a place of your choice (a forest, an office). Laser Tag is based on team spirit which will make you feel like a real warrior: you will be shooting infrared laser beams.

Lasertron – a place for lovers of stronger emotions and sharper sensations. Smoke, laser and light effects on the playground enhance the spirit of adrenaline and excitement.

Laser Tag arena offers you the opportunity to try out the strategic laser game LaserTag PRO. It is a sporty-like amusement similar to paintball, the only major difference is that here we use laser-bullets. Infrared laser beams that are not harmful to humans are used as ammunition.
Lazerių arena
Lazerių poligonas