Learn About and Catch the Baltic Gold

Baltic amber, considered to be the most expensive and high-quality amber in ancient times, is still deservedly called the Northern Gold and can still be found in the Baltic Sea Region. Surrounded by myths and legends, the mysterious seaside amber still enchants the locals and guests, so we invite you to get to know more about it.
50 million years ago, when the resin fell from the trees onto the ground and hardened, most of them were carried to the Baltic Sea by rivers, thus giving birth to amber. And, over time, a route was made by taking which merchants reached the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea.

The building founded in the 17th century in a Baroque style, the Amber Museum-Gallery in Vilnius intersects six centuries, so everyone interested in the secrets of amber's longevity, its origins, shapes and colours is welcome here. Descending from the upper hall of the Amber Museum-Gallery to the basement, you will enter the depths of the age, see the land that the first residents of the city walked on, learn how to distinguish real amber from fake, taste "Gintaro trauktinė", purchase amber jewellery, and view the museum's largest exhibit weighing nearly 3 kilograms.
Gintaro muziejus-galerija