Immerse Yourself in Virtual Reality Entertainment in Vilnius

Perhaps you dream of diving into the ocean, flying to the moon with Apollo astronauts or fighting in the wilderness with frantic living dead? If you are still waiting for the chance to build a Star Wars robot, don't wait any longer as the VR City Virtual Reality space will let you explore new worlds! In Vilnius, they are reachable by hand; all you have to do is try, see, touch and feel.
The organizers offer over 100 realistic games that you will not forget in a hurry. So dive into unfamiliar spaces and fulfil your wildest dreams.

And if you decide that you must also taste virtual reality, check out GO9. There you can find a Virtual Reality cafe. Truth be told, do not expect regular coffee there, but a virtual exhibition in such a place is better than the most exquisite dessert.
VR Café G9
VR kambarys
Vilnius VR
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