Get Around Vilnius on a Mountain Bike

Explore Vilnius by riding a comfortable city or MTB mountain bike, experience adventures and admire the greenest trails in the area. If you wish for a smooth and high-quality trip, you should choose the responsible mountain bike supplier, Velotakas, which started its business activity by promoting the bicycle as an environmentally friendly and healthy urban vehicle and a type of entertainment for residents and guests of Vilnius.

Choose a rental city bike TREK, Scott MTB (mountain bike) and their accessories. Private and city tours with professional guides on bikes are also organized by FeelZcity. Their new regular tours help to experience and see Vilnius and its surroundings in a different way. You can also ride along mountain bike trails of various levels of complexity, just rent Bike&Tours Velotakas bikes. Bike tours and trips are organized in the city centre and its surroundings.
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