Explore Your Limits While Climbing in Vilnius!

Feel the rush of adrenaline of rock climbing at Montis Magia school in Vilnius before heading to the mountains. Strengthen your courage and go beyond the imaginable possibilities. Enough walking on the well-known mountain trails, after this experience you will take the boldest paths.
The adventure will kick off with a climbing hall where you will be greeted by rock climbing instructors with more than a decade of rock climbing experience. They will share their knowledge and expertise. After these classes you will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of mountain travel and mountaineering, and you will be perfectly prepared for traveling to the mountains.

During the classes, you will also learn about the equipment needed for trips to the mountains and mountaineering in general. You will also be taught how to use the equipment and then you will try to move with it: climbing and descents as well as learn the basics of rescue. Thus, you will increase the chances of survival of yourself and those around you.
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