Explore Secret Military Fortifications

Stepping into a military bunker in this part of the world is like jumping into a time machine. Plus, the authentic atmosphere provides a setting for real adventures. You’ll be completely separated from the outside world – after all, military bunkers were built to protect from visible enemies as well as radiation and biological attacks. Today, many of these types of fortifications are destroyed or inaccessible, but a few bunkers have been restored to give people a taste of how they might have felt in a now bygone era.

Take a guided tour of one of these bunkers and discover the riddles of these Cold War hideouts while experience the conditions you would have had to live in following an all-out nuclear war. If you are looking for fun adventures, this one will have you feeling like you’re in a computer game shooting lasers from a bunker. Bunkers can withstand anything, so get ready to unload any accumulated tension you might have in a special room or just embark on adventures in underground mazes. It’s a rare opportunity to have fun in what was once a top-secret space.
Cold War Bunker
Bunker zona