Active Winter Fun at Liepkalnis

Located just outside the centre of Vilnius, Liepkalnis attracts adrenaline lovers who like to get their blood pumping with winter sports. Snowboarders and skiers of all levels flock to the slopes to get the most of the snow activities, even when there’s no snow in Vilnius. The longest trail is 400 metres but they’re all worth a try. And no worries if you don’t have any equipment – you can rent everything you’ll need on the spot. Plus, if you’ve never tried snowboarding or skiing, it’s not a problem – there are professional instructors who can show you all the tricks you need to get started.

Other perks? Vilnius International Airport is nearby, which make Liepkalnis the perfect place for plane spotting. The mountain also offers spectacular panoramic views of Pavilniai Regional Park, so all you need to do is to grab a cup of coffee at a cafe at the top of the hill and enjoy the views.