Gifts from Vilnius, With Love

Need some ideas about which souvenirs to bring back to your friends and family? And what about getting yourself something to remind you of the amazing time you spent in Vilnius? Let us help you!

Something stylish

Vilnius can accompany you wherever you go. How? On your socks! Stylish socks with the iconic symbols of Vilnius will let you bring the Iron Wolf and Gediminas Castle along with you anywhere. Vilnius is one of the most walkable capitals in Europe.

It’s so compact that you don’t even need a GPS to explore the city on foot. Distances between historical sights, bars, restaurants and green parks are so surprisingly short that it’s nearly impossible to get lost. The Walkable Vilnius initiative offers 23 walking routes through the Vilnius Old Town and its surroundings.

You can find socks for fun walks at the Tourist Information Centres and the Vilnius Gifts & Souvenirs shop.

Something tasty

Šakotis is the king of Lithuanian sweets and the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. Šakotis is a traditional cylindrically shaped cake baked on a spit that proudly sits on Lithuanians tables for any celebration. It’s impossible not to admire this delicious treat! You will easily find šakotis at bakeries and supermarkets all around town.

The Tasty Souvenirs shop in Užupis sells fresh products that have just arrived from local farmers. You will find traditional baked goods, such as šakotis, šimtalapis, and honey cakes, as well as a variety of jams, chocolate, honey, cheese, and meat.

Want to bring something back for the cheese lovers and gourmands in your life? Bring them some authentic Džiugas cheese. Rich in flavour and aroma, Džiugas is a real gourmet treat for any table. Stop by Džiugo Namai shop to buy cheese aged for 12, 18, 24, 36 or 48 months.

Something fragrant

Did you know that Lithuania is the first country with its own scent? The Scent of Lithuania is a modern symbol of the state that lets you keep a part of Lithuania in your own home. So what does Lithuania smell like?

Bergamot, ginger, wildflowers, berries, lily and lilac, as well as gentle accords of amber, tree moss, cedar, sandalwood, patchouli, musk and wood smoke.

Plus, you can choose from scented candles, a home fragrance, or perfume.

Something traditional

Linen is an inseparable part of Lithuanian culture. In the past, linen towels were used as a home decoration, and no celebration would be complete without a linen tablecloth. Nowadays, linen products are still valued. You can explore a variety of natural and high-quality linen products at the following Old Town shops: Lino Namai (Pilies 38, Universiteto 10, Vilniaus 12), Lino ir Gintaro Studija (Didžioji 5), Lininis ir Medinis (Pilies 6), Linen Tales (Stiklių 4) and Linas Nordic (L. Stuokos–Gucevičiaus 13).

One of the most valuable and most sought-after souvenirs from Lithuania is amber, which is also called Lithuanian gold. It’s formed from pieces of pine resin that have spent millions of years in the sea and finally, were cast ashore. Many even believe that giving someone amber jewellery or decorations is like giving them health. You can find beautiful amber pieces at many shops: Amber Shop (Pilies 17), Aukso Avis (Pilies 38), Baltic Souvenir (Aušros Vartų 4, Didžioji 15, Pilies 21), and Gintraka (Aušros Vartų 13, Pilies 32, Pilies 23).

Something symbolic

If you’ve been to Užupis, you’ve certainly read the independent republic’s quirky constitution. It consists of 41 statements declaring openness, tolerance and human rights. “Everyone has the right to celebrate or not celebrate their birthday,” “Everyone has the right to be happy,” and “Everyone has the right to be unhappy” are just a few of the statements worth reminding ourselves from time to time. A symbolic copy of the Constitution of the Užupis Republic makes a very unique, original and precious gift.