Amber: What to See and What to Buy

Amber is a precious gift from the Baltic Sea. Drops of pine resin taken to the sea via rivers transforms into amber millions of years later.

Amber is pretty and mysterious. The ancient Balts believed that amber could calm down angry gods and make wishes come true. Today, amber is valued for its healing powers.

Amber is the only warm stone. It’s calming, warming and mood-lifting. So to wear amber accessories is not only beautiful but also beneficial. We invite you to discover amber in Vilnius!

Art Center of Baltic Amber

Visit the art centre on Mykolo Street to learn about the history of Baltic amber: from drops of tiny pine resin to a natural piece of formed amber washed ashore from the Baltic Sea. Stroll through the gallery and admire works by Lithuanian and foreign artists. You’ll also have the chance to buy certified amber jewellery.

Did you know that you can taste amber? The art centre offers these unique experiences: tasting a special amber drink made from an ancient recipe, walking barefoot on fine pieces of amber and feeling amber’s exceptional energy coming from a special machine. 

In their modern workshop you can see how amber is processed and even make your own pendant. Join an educational programme to learn which tools our ancestors used to work with amber and let the secrets of amber unfold in front of you!

Amber Sculpture Museum

Step inside this museum to see an authentic collection of amber sculptures. Musical instruments made from amber are probably the gallery specialists’ most impressive works. Two gorgeous violins, an alto and a cello make up a one-of-a-kind quartet. Look around the museum’s shop and maybe you will find the perfect amber accessory to bring home with you!

Searching for the perfect piece of amber

Find your special piece of amber jewellery or souvenir by visiting shops in the Old Town. There are quite a few of them, so you’ll definitely find something to suit your taste.

Add these shops to your must-visit list: Lino ir Gintaro Studija (Didžioji 10), Amber World (Aušros Vartų 11), ARZA Gallery (Savičiaus 9), Amber Shop (Pilies 17), Aukso Avis (Pilies 38), Baltic Souvenir (Aušros Vartų 4, Didžioji 15, Pilies 21), and Gintraka (Aušros Vartų 13, Pilies 32, Pilies 23).